Cristina HMS

Cristina HMS is a Spanish-born, Latina-raced architecture student of Parsons University in New York City. Her pieces are heavily influenced by her area of study. Her new series was inspired by “field drawings”, which is a term used in Architecture to describe the “reality” or “space” where design exists within. To be more specific, they are usually drawings that show the rules and constraints of a structure itself, mostly done through repetition and dimensionality. In HMS’ prints, the use of lines and patterns is what creates the different planes coming together to create the final design; each line exists on its own, and the combination of them creates a “field drawing” plane. The planes interact with each other creating dimensionality and space and even forms that we can recognize in her designs. The artist has an intimate relationship with the designs themselves, all of them were hand-drawn in a sketchbook she carries everywhere. The sketches are then digitalized and colored in to then be printed out and distributed.